September 2011

Coming Up Roses

25 September 2011
Rose Flower Pot Cake

After Eliza, our first daughter, came into our lives, we sort of stopped throwing parties.  Gone were the days of the Kung Fu Fondue Bash and Home Brew-Barbecue-Tattoo Night. But we eventually discovered a new kind of party that meshed with our suddenly exhausting lifestyle.  When Eliza turned one, we invited all of our friends, […]

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A Tale of Two Cakes

17 September 2011
Burnt Sugar Cake

The first time I baked this cake, my husband said, “I can’t believe you like this.  It’s so sweet.” It’s true that I don’t like super sweet things.  I don’t drink soda or eat candy.  I don’t even like milk chocolate;  it’s just too sweet.  But hearing these words from my husband–who thinks Coke sipped […]

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Sweet and Sour

9 September 2011
Sourdough Bread

The universe conspired to ease me into week two of my back-to-school bread baking plan.  On Monday, Labor Day holiday, when my husband arranged a sailing date for us, I decided to stay home. As my family scrambled to the car clutching snacks and trailing life jackets, I averted my eyes from the mountain of […]

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2 September 2011
Peanut Butter and Jelly on Fresh French Bread

Before I went back to teaching again last year, I used to bake bread several times a week.  We ate plenty and shared plenty. Working messed with my bread rhythm, though, and finally I started buying bread.  It wasn’t the same, but we all got used to it. When June brought summer freedom, I thought […]

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