December 2011

Cheese and Crackers

25 December 2011
Rosemary Cheese Crackers

I love sweets, but I think I’ve have had enough cookies, cakes, candies, and pies to get me through the year.  This Christmas Eve, I felt compelled to bake something savory to compensate for the onslaught of dessert that always accompanies the holidays.  So after we tucked our Christmas-crazed kids into bed, I put some […]

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Seeing Stars

19 December 2011
Double Chocolate-Mint Sandwich Cookies

I finally found an evening to bake the chocolate sandwich cookies that have eluded me for two weeks.  The idea to make them hatched when a friend hosted a holiday craft fair and cookie contest at her house.  I’d never made chocolate sandwich cookies, and her party seemed like the perfect opportunity to give them […]

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Pillow Talk

14 December 2011
Thumbnail image for Pillow Talk

Gnocchi. I love to say it almost as much as I love to eat it. And I’m not talking about the gnocchi that you buy in vacuum-sealed packages nestled amongst the pasta in the grocery aisle.  I’m talking about the real-deal-mixed-and-rolled-out-on-your-counter gnocchi.   I’m talking about soft pillows of goodness somewhere between pasta and dumplings made […]

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I ♥ Cake

8 December 2011
Heart Cake

I make cakes for fun.  Since I work and have small kids, I usually make cakes at night after my kids go to bed.  This usually means that I stay up most of the night, and so does my husband.  Because I don’t do it very often, it doesn’t make me crazy. A few people […]

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Hot Potatoes

5 December 2011
Potato Rolls

I‘ve been making some serious bread this year.  We’re talking at least two loaves a week, except for the last week of November when I made two intense cakes (one and two) and two recipes of dinner rolls for Thanksgiving.   As I got wrapped up in my cake frenzy, my friend Sharalyn offered to take […]

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