February 2012

A Better Bagel

28 February 2012
Homemade Bagels

On weekdays at breakfast-time, my daughters almost always ask for toasted bagels with cream cheese.  The early morning shuffle to school and work ranks among my least favorite hours of the day, and thankfully, this toast-spread-and serve repast helps ease me into it.  It provides a predictable element to the bleary-eyed chaos and minimizes the […]

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Birthday Surprise

21 February 2012
Tinkerbell Cake

Several months ago, my youngest daughter requested a Tinkerbell cake for her fourth birthday party.  This week, she turned four, but I had no plans to make her a cake this year. In lieu of a Tinkerbell cake and birthday party, we decided to surprise her with a glimpse of the real Tinkerbell at Disneyland.  […]

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Project Cupcake

12 February 2012
Fondant Decorated Cupcakes

Whenever I decorate a cake, my daughters eagerly await the moment when I hand over the extra fondant.  Within minutes, they look just like kids busy with Play Doh.  They roll out the pliant confection and cut out shapes or fashion it into puppies or vegetables or letters. But fondant is better than Play Doh;  […]

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I Give You an Onion

6 February 2012
Caramelized Red Onion Tart

I‘m not opposed to the giddy sweetness of Valentine’s Day.  Chocolates, roses, champagne? Yes, please. But ever since one of my students presented Carol Ann Duffy’s “Valentine” as part of her poetry final project five years ago, I can’t think about Valentine’s Day without thinking of onions. Sound crazy? Valentine by Carol Ann Duffy Not […]

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