April 2012


24 April 2012
Volcano Cake

Exactly one year ago, I was finalizing plans for my daughter’s volcano birthday cake.  Little did I know that signing her up for hula class would lead to a luau-themed party complete with erupting cake.  In hula, all dances tell stories, and, of course, the volcano dance made a serious impression.   Since I’ll spend […]

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Just Desserts

18 April 2012
Raspberry Cream Cheese Braid

I‘m not much of a brunch person.  I usually wake up starving and need to eat breakfast right away to stave off a hunger-induced nervous breakdown.  Even my children understand that I’m mostly useless until I have a bowl of cereal in my belly. While waiting genteelly for brunch may not be my forte, I […]

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10 April 2012
Sesame Crackers

I‘ve never liked Wheat Thins — the pasty texture, the Play Doh-like flavor, the way they stick in my molars when I eat them.   My husband, on the other hand, loves to snack on them, which means we always have a package of Wheat Thins in the cupboard.  I try not to bias my children […]

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3 April 2012
Homemade Pitas with Arugula Salad

Winter always brings me down.  I have nothing against rain, sleet, and snow;  it’s the vanishing daylight that kills me.  Round about February each year, I begin to wonder if spring will return before I come unhinged. April’s finally here, and by the look of things, spring’s come with it.  Flowering red current bushes explode […]

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