July 2012

Tea Time

30 July 2012
Earl Grey Tart with Fresh Berries

My friend Val just launched a new online magazine, and I agreed to write a guest post for one of her first issues.  Read  about my short-lived love affair with coffee and find the recipe for this tea-steeped cream tart over at Bonbon Break. I managed to get all the way through college without acquiring […]

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Corn Meal

26 July 2012
Skillet Polenta with Tomatoes, Sage, and Goat Cheese

My husband’s job as a marine biologist comes with certain geographical requirements.  Fortunately, we love living by the ocean, and we’ve bounced from beach town to beach town. We’ve grown close to amazing friends in each spot.   Happily, scientist friends we’ve met along the way have similar geographical requirements, and so, not so coincidentally, we […]

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Cherries on Top

19 July 2012
Cherry Upside-Down Cake

The day before our last camping trip, I found a bag of cherries in the back of my fridge.   Since they were almost past their prime, I decided I to bake with them rather than throw them in the cooler with the rest of the food for our trip. I asked Eliza if she felt […]

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10 July 2012
Peach Pie with Blackberries and Ginger

While devouring Sarah Weeks’ mystery novel Pie, Eliza decided she wanted to bake her way through the recipes that appear at the beginning of each chapter.   For me, this seemed like a great challenge to embark on with my budding reader/baker. Eliza set her heart on trying out the peach pie recipe first.   In addition […]

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4 July 2012
Salted Caramel Chocolate Tart

A couple of years ago, when Eliza asked how people made salt, my husband grabbed a pot from our kitchen, walked down the hill to his lab, and filled the pot with filtered seawater.   He returned in minutes and started heating the water on our stove. Moments like these remind me–despite the small living quarters–how […]

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