August 2012

Chocolate Pudding: A Cautionary Tale

24 August 2012
Bittersweet Chocolate Pudding

I stole a cookbook from some friends’ house a couple of months ago. It happened like this.  I have this uncontrollable need flip through cookbooks, and this particular one, Molto Italiano, had too many recipes that I needed to try. So I took it home with me.  I’ve had it all summer, and I’ve loved […]

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17 August 2012
Chocolate Pecan Cookies

I usually shy away from cookies studded with walnuts or pecans.  Besides the fact that I’m allergic to walnuts, chunky nuts, in my opinion, interfere with the chocolate-to-dough balance in a perfect bite of cookie. I do love pecans, though, and I love to bake with them — just not in cookies. But then I […]

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The Princess and the Dragon

10 August 2012
Kimodo Dragon Cake

My friend Ellie, who just turned six, asked for a pink bedroom for her birthday.  Her mom and grandmother spent a week painting her walls a combination of Pom Pom and Princess pink.   When they finished, my friend Rita added a small tree flowering with Bubble Gum pink hearts. Just in case you think you […]

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2 August 2012
Cherry Almond Bars

This summer, just like last summer, I bought too many cherries.  My children, who gobbled them madly for weeks, now refuse to eat them. At the market, they now oooh and ahhh over the flats of fresh berries — brilliant red raspberries like giant thimbles, glossy purple Marion berries bigger than their hands, and deep, […]

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