September 2012

Sweet Summer

22 September 2012
Blackberry Swirl Ice Cream with Gingersnap Ice Cream Cones

School’s started, and the days are getting shorter, true, but I’m not ready to let go of summer yet.  Fall officially arrived this weekend, but I’m still enjoying the sunshine and spending as much time outside as I can.  And since I can’t walk by blackberry brambles without wanting to pick every fat, juicy berry […]

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Dragonfly Cupcakes

16 September 2012
Dragonfly Cupcake

When I agreed to bake cupcakes for a local fundraiser, I didn’t plan to get fancy.  Since I had also offered to help my friend Peg decorate four orca cakes (yes, four, sort of like this) for a birthday party the same weekend, I felt pretty sure I wouldn’t be up for another big project. […]

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The Taste of Summer

9 September 2012
Blackberry Pie

One single blackberry, sun-warm and sweet on my tongue, can instantly transport me back to the summer-time of my childhood. Back then, I spent  most of my summer days in the neighborhood pool down the street from my parents’ house.  Blackberry brambles almost completely surrounded the club, and whenever my friends and I got hungry, […]

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Milk and Cookies

1 September 2012
Lemon-Rosemary Pine Nut Shortbread

When Eliza said, “I was just thinking, Mama,” the other day, I braced myself.   Usually outlandish or extreme requests follow this phrase.  For example, “I was just thinking, Mama,  that maybe we could go to Disneyland next weekend,” or “I was just thinking, Mama, that maybe we could move to California and buy a house […]

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