November 2012

Blue Cheese Apple Tart

26 November 2012
Savory Apple Tart

In the past several weeks, we’ve canned three giant batches of applesauce.  We’ve produced several dozen apple cinnamon rolls.  We’ve added diced apples to dishes of all kinds, including the stuffing for our Thanksgiving turkey.  And, of course, we’ve made apple pies. We still have apples. When you live in a small house, having a […]

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Grandmas, Gratitude, and Pie

19 November 2012
Pumpkin Pie

Last week, Eliza said she was grateful that I’m her mom because it means my mom is her grandma.  I totally get what she means  — my mom’s mom has always had a special place in my heart, too. Spending time with my grandmother always meant fun.  When we visited her in Berkeley, CA, adventure […]

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A New Twist

12 November 2012
Apple-Cinnamon Rolls

In case you’ve ever wondered, a pick-up truck load of apples produces an impressive amount of cider.   Last weekend, countless gallon jugs, along with an odd assortment of soda bottles, mason jars, and five-gallon buckets lined up along Friday Harbor Labs’ dock to capture the precious, sweet liquid resulting from this year’s Shaw Apple Raid.  […]

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Bread Bowling

5 November 2012
Bread Bowls

For me, sometimes all it takes to transform the bleak dreariness of a rainy day into cozy comfort is a warm bowl of soup. Since I know that soup can impact my outlook as the days grow shorter, darker, and more damp here in the Pacific Northwest, I’ve been proactive about making it this fall. […]

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