December 2012


22 December 2012
Chocolate Caramel Sandwich Cookies

Back in October, Tamara, the cookie queen of San Juan Island, suggested getting together for a Christmas cookie baking party. Just to be clear, I have terrible holiday timing.  When Tamara’s email arrived, December seemed pretty far off.  I was working on the treats I agreed to bake for my second grader’s Halloween party, not […]

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11 December 2012
Jam Crostata

When I tell someone that a recipe is easy to make, my husband frequently pipes in with, “When she says it’s easy, that just means she doesn’t have to go to the store.” Since time, or rather a lack of it, often prevents me from baking, I admit that this is partly true. In the […]

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Open Sesame

3 December 2012
Sesame Cookies

After putting the kids to bed the other night, I felt the need for something sweet.   A quick inspection of my cupboards and fridge left me feeling uninspired.   My husband, who clearly understood my unvoiced intentions, suggested hot fudge sundaes, but that didn’t grab my interest either. I wanted something just slightly sweet with a […]

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